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Who are we

We are a not-for-profit civil association that was born in 2004. By combining professional and street-level community know-how, our broad, diverse, interdisciplinary team carries out a work methodology that creates meaningful social impact.

SonRisas does not have affiliations with any political party, economic interest or religious belief. What unites us is the conviction that a better world is within our grasp. Our communities see meaningful change in all our everyday actions, which confirms our belief that reality is transformable.

We are agents of change and we know that change is possible.

Who are we
What do we do

What do we do

We mostly work in pursuit of restoring children and adolescents’ violated rights. Our methodology addresses family as a whole and our approach is community-driven.

Spaces for training, recreation, support, and self-expression are just a few of the resources we provide to children, teenagers, and adults. We also have specially designed programs that work in food, nutrition, health, education and employability.

Our own Social Centers are situated in the heart of our neighborhoods. Directed with the community's collaboration, they are dedicated to carrying out an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the various problems that surface in the region.

Working as part of a network in both the public and private sectors extends our reach even further.

Our social and solidarity centers

SonRisas has three of its own spaces in the heart of the working-class neighborhoods of Lauda, El Pantano and Chacritas. All are strategic points in the Esteban Echeverría district, from where our impact approach is both coordinated and carried out. The Social Centers are places of community belonging for the family as a whole.

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I believe in a better world

Help out now

No one is so strong that they can do it all alone. No one is so weak that they can do nothing.

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To help out in any other way write to us at info@creasonrisas.org.ar or on our social media and we will get in touch.

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If you live abroad, you can help us as a Sonrisas ambassador, encouraging people who want to support our cause.

Our fellow Argentines can also help us by giving us your time. Your unique abilities are valuable at SonRisas.

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